30 Reasons To Get A Pool

So you’re thinking about getting a pool? Or maybe you’re just playing with the idea of it. Well regardless of your situation, you’ll be happy to know that there are plenty of good reasons to get a pool. Reasons that stem beyond having a private place to swim.

We believe swimming pools add value to your life. On multiple fronts. From providing an outlet for recreation and relaxation to adding appeal to your backyard and increasing the value of your home. With a swimming pool, you can do everything from improving your cardiovascular health and flexibility, to creating the center for family gatherings and events.

With that being said, here are 30 reasons to get a pool:

30 Reasons To Get A Pool


Reasons To Get A Pool | Lifestyle

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  • 1.) Promotes family bonding times
    • Who in your family can resist a refreshing swim  on a hot summer day? Conveniently add a backyard swimming pool to the mix and suddenly you have the choice destination for at-home family fun.
  • 2.) Provides healthy alternatives to non-active everyday activities
    • What sounds more refreshing and beneficial to your everyday life? Rewatching 2 seasons of your favorite series on Netflix as you slowly fuse into the couch? Or, taking a cooling dip in the pool while checking off exercise from your daily to-do list?
  • 3.) Creates an ideal location for parties, BBQs, and small events
    • Seriously. Just adding “pool” before any kind of party makes it twice as cool. Graduation Pool Party. Bachelor/Bachelorette Pool Party. Independence Day Pool Party.
      See? Pool parties just make regular events that much better. One of the more exciting reasons to get a pool for sure.
  • 4.) They’re easy to maintain with a Pool Care Schedule
    • No one likes to do pool maintenance. We get it. But that’s because a lot of people think pool maintenance means long grueling hours of tedious tasks. But the reality is the opposite. Because using a good pool care schedule saves you time, money, and gives you more time to enjoy the pool.
  • 5.) There are tons of swimming pool games for everyone to enjoy
    • Oh yeah, more than just Marco Polo and Fishy Fishy Cross My Ocean. From Watermelon Races and Noodle Jousting to Boat Races and Treasure Hunts. Learn how to play all those games and more in this swimming pool games post.
  • 6.) Provides and outlet for fun and recreation throughout the year
    • In the summer time, it’s the best place to cool off and recharge your batteries. And in the colder months, soothing heated water warms up your muscles and lets you keep active outdoors — even when it’s chilly.
  • 7.) A private oasis built for relaxation
    • Have you ever gone outside at midnight, lit a candle, and sat poolside while watching the water gently ripple. As the moon and flashes of cosmic light reflect across the mirror-like surface of the water. It’s pretty mesmerizing, and extremely relaxing, to say the least.
  • 8.) The perfect way to add balance to your life
    • A pool can be a place to relax or work up a sweat. A good spot to curl up with a good book, or host a game of Water Polo. Regardless of what you use it for, a pool can be a multi-purpose outlet for several aspects of your life. Which makes it a great way to add some balance.
  • 9.) Teach children how to swim at home
    • Teach your kids how to swim at a young age. At your pace, in the comfort of your home. Definitely one of the more family-oriented reasons to get a pool.
  • 10.) Being a good pool owner is easier than you think
    • A lot of new pool owners look at owning a pool as an exhausting, ongoing responsibility. But the truth is, owning a pool is really a rewarding and easy-to-manage asset to your daily life. Especially with our Pool Owner Guide, and these powerful tips to get a pool clean fast.

[Already bought the pool? Here’s how to get a pool ready for summer]


Reasons To Get A Pool | Health & Wellness

reasons to get a pool reasons why you should get a pool get a pool loan how to get a pool clean fast

  • 11.) Provides options for low-impact exercise
    • One of the best things about swimming is that it’s low-impact. Which means you can do it for hours on end, while only putting about a 1/4th of the strain on your body as compared to a jog. Which is especially helpful when you’re injured and trying to keep active.
  • 12.) Helps you stay cool
    • It’s mid-July, and it’s about 102 degrees outside. Sure you could stay inside. Lounging in the comfortable, central air cooled depths of your home. But frankly, you’re tired of seeing the same four walls. So why not take a dip in the pool? Change up the pace while staying cool. Sounds like a win-win.
  • 13.) Low-stress full body workouts
    • With just a few laps of breaststroke and freestyle, you can supply your body with a  full body work out. As well as target secondary muscles you don’t use as often as well. All while freely gliding across the water.
  • 14.) Better heart health
    • You already know that cardio is great for heart health. But maybe you hate running. But swimming a couple laps in the pool? That sounds more like it. Plus, it’s easy to keep challenging yourself without overdoing it.
  • 15.) Perfect alternative for those with arthritis/sore joints
    • Remember how we said swimming is a low-impact workout? Well if you’re someone who suffers from arthritis or sore joints, then you’re pretty limited when it comes to physical activities. But since swimming is low impact and puts a little stress on the body, it’s an ideal alternative for those with bone or muscle problems.
  • 16.) Consistent swim routines can promote healthy appetite
    • Swimming burns a lot more calories than you would think. And it’s a simple way to keep your metabolism going. Especially since consistent swimming translates into a consistently healthy appetite. Which is important for people trying to maintain, lose, or gain weight.
  • 17.) Enjoy soothing warm, therapeutic swims (with a pool heater)
    during the colder months
    • There’s nothing quite like jumping into your pool  in the middle of the fall. Where you gaze upon small rounded cutouts of orange and brown gracefully tumble from the tree branches. Feeling a slight chill in the breeze — perfectly counteracted by the warm and soft embrace of your heated swimming pool.
  • 18.) Become more flexible
    • A morning swim combined with heated water helps your muscles relax and stretch out much easier than a morning jog. Especially since swimming helps prevent that heavy lactic acid buildup (that tight, burning feeling you get after doing too many pushups) associated with more traditional workouts.
  • 19.) Build stamina and endurance
    • Swim some laps. Swim some more laps. Then next week, swim a few more. Challenge yourself as much as you like. You’ll be improving your endurance either way.
  • 20.) Burn calories and encourage weight loss
    • You don’t even have to swim laps. Simply moving around and staying active will burn calories. Whether you’re playing some swimming pool games with the kids, or having a quick water aerobics session.

Reasons To Get A Pool | Home

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  • 21.) Adds aesthetic appeal to your backyard
    • Have you ever seen a backyard that looked bad with a well-kept swimming pool?
  • 22.) Increases the value of your property
    • According to the National Association of Realtors, a swimming pool can increase the value of your home by 8 – 15 percent. So on top of providing a perfect outlet for entertainment, recreation, and relaxation, a pool also helps put money back into your pocket.
  • 23.) Creates a focal point for decoration
    • Once there’s a pool in your backyard, the decorative possibilities are endless. You can add some stylish pots and plants along the deck. Install some light fixtures. Add a waterfall. Or completely redo the color scheme of your backyard. One of the more artsy reasons to get a pool.
  • 24.) There are different types of pools to choose from
    • When you think pool, you might immediately envision “rectangular cement hole in the ground”. But these days, pools come in all shapes and styles. If you’re feeling creative, you can go for a custom concrete pool. Or for more traditional functionality, a vinyl or fiberglass pool. If you want to get a pool installed, you can learn about the different types of pools here.
  • 25.) There are plenty of energy efficient pool heating options
    • Lots of people believe heating a pool is an expensive luxury. But that’s just another myth about pool heating. Heating your swimming pool can be much easier, and much more affordable than you might think. Especially with a pool heat pump — one of the most energy efficient pool heating options on the market. And a fraction of the cost of electric or gas pool heaters.
  • 26.) Swimming pools are affordable and can be financed easily
    • Thankfully,you don’t have to buy your swimming pool all in one shot. There are plenty of affordable financing options available that make the process easy. And with some research, you can get a pool loan to cover the costs upfront. Another one of the many great reasons to get a pool
  • 27.) A go-to destination 24 hours a day
    • Whether it’s the crack of dawn or the middle of the night, your pool is always open. No waiting in line. No hanging by the entrance waiting for the guard to open the gate. Simply walk to your backyard, kick off your flips flops, and dive in.
  • 28.) An all-purpose source of entertainment right at home
    • If you have children, then you know how much of a full-time job it can be to keep them busy. Especially when they’re young. With a pool, you’ll be hearing a lot less “I’m bored” and a lot more “Come on, let’s go swimming!”
  • 29.) Less expensive than lavish family vacations
    • You may spend a good portion of what a pool would cost on one family vacation alone. And once it’s over, you only have the memories to enjoy. But a swimming pool. A swimming pool lasts a lifetime. And it’s always there no matter what you need it for. Whether it’s family get-togethers or peaceful morning swims.
  • 30.) Everyone wants to hang out at the house with a pool
    • Not that it should be your deciding factor, but seriously, pools are awesome. They add that extra element of fun to nearly any setting, no matter the time of year. And it’s that extra bit of incentive for family and friends to make that long drive and visit.

At this point, we’ve shared plenty of reasons why you should get a pool. Now it’s simply up to you to decide. But if you haven’t considered it yet, remember that swimming pools are the gift that keeps on giving. Providing ongoing value for years down the road. They’re a place to exercise, as well as a spot for quality bonding time with family and friends. And they’re one of the most beneficial ways to level up your property.


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