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Multifunctional Full Equipment Room Controller.

The AK600™ is the most advanced multiple pool controller available, providing the ultimate in equipment room automation. Up to 16 output relay combinations, configurable for 6 types of control. The AK600 can be customized for any facility, with voltage-configurable control relays and bidirectional control, database information options accessible via direct link, dial-up, wireless modem and ethernet connectivity. With control of chemicals, pumps, filters, heaters, air handlers, chloramine reduction systems and the ability to interface with building management systems for up to 3 bodies of water, the AK600 completes an aquatic facility.

  • AcuCom™ Software
  • Multiple pool control for 1, 2, or 3 bodies of water
  • Programmable pH, ORP, and temperature set points
  • Programmable proportional feed for precise chemical feed
  • Programmable acid, CO2, or base feed for pH control
  • Relay configuration shortcuts with Acu-Trol® Wizards
  • Auto backwash filters for up to 2 bodies of water
  • Flow cell with built-in flow switch, shut-off valves, inlet strainer, and sampling port
  • 16 relays with three (3) voltage configurations


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