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Add a Splash of Elegance.

From the drama of a spouting lion’s head to the sophisticated elegance of Neptune, Aqua Accents bring a refined beauty to every pool or spa they adorn. The gentle sound of water splashing from these stately medallions transforms a pool into a classical fountain.

Whether they are metal-plated sconces or stone-like rosettes, Aqua Accents promise a luxurious touch that can be easily added to any pool or spa. Imagine the ornament’s rich patina intensifying with each passing year, as it glimmers in the mid-day sun or reflects the romance of evening lighting, all accompanied by the soothing melody of falling water.

  • Aqua Accents are available in seven finishes: Natural Stone, Gray Stone, White, Brass, Bronze, Copper and Silver Nickel.
  • The metal-plated finishes acquire a rich and beautiful patina over time.
  • Aqua Accents are a blended, lightweight polymer that will not crack or discolor.


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