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The AquaLink RS All Button allows automatic control of your swimming pool and spa. With custom labeled buttons of all equipment you will be able to easily understand and control your pool system. Your swimming pool and spa are your own private paradise and the Jandy AquaLink RS Control System puts that paradise at your fingertips.

Systems Include: Indoor Control Panel, up to 4 Power Center Bezels with Printed Circuit Boards, 2 Jandy Valve Actuators 24V (pool and spa combo models only), 1 Water Temperature Sensor, and 1 Air/Solar Temperature Sensor and all necessary 3HP relays required to operate system. Systems require one or more power centers, cable or wireless kit.

Pool and Spa Combination Control Systems: For use with Pool and Spa Combinations sharing one set of equipment (i.e. one filter pump, one heater, one filter, and two 3-port valves that switch between pool and spa).

Dual Equipment Pool and Spa Controls: For use with two separate sets of equipment (i.e. two filter pumps, two heaters and two filters for two separate bodies of water).

Pool Only/Spa Only Control Systems: For use with Pool or Spa Only (one body of water) utilizing one set of equipment (i.e. one filter pump, one heater, and one filter).

  • Simple indoor programming and control of filter pump, heater, solar and up to 7 auxiliary circuits
  • Indoor control of thermostats
  • Indoor display of water and air temperatures
  • Interfaces with chlorine generators for convenient indoor control and monitoring of pool sanitation needs.
  • Custom software and decal labeling of all functions
  • Automatic equipment safety circuits and freeze protection
  • Built-in self diagnostics
  • Lockout the complete system, individual devices and Spa-sides from the indoor control panel
  • All necessary relays included


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