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High Performance Electronic Ignition Heaters.

Powerful, efficient, and reliable, MegaTherm® pool heaters are designed for commercial, institutional and large residential pools where economical performance and rapid heat-up are required. Available in indoor and outdoor models in both natural and propane. MegaTherm is design certified to the ANSI® Z21.56 Standard for Gas-Fired Pool Heaters. (Outdoor 500-1825 units are certifi ed for use without the addition of a draft diverter or external vent. Indoor units incorporate a built-in draft diverter and require only vent piping.) Salt water models (500-1825) are available with cupronickel alloy heat exchanger tubes and bronze headers and header covers.

  • Electronic ignition
  • Built-in draft diverter (indoor models) simplifies installation
  • Integral pump assures proper water flow (Models 500-1825)
  • Automatic gas valve
  • Stainless steel burners, with slide-out burner tray for easy maintenance and long life (Models 500-1825)
  • High temperature refractory firebox liner to 2000° F for greater efficiency
  • Easy-to-service header flanges
  • Corrosion-resistant glass-lined or bronze headers
  • CSD-1 and other options available. Contact factory for part numbers

Contact factory for replacement parts.

CSD-1 and other options available. Contact factory for part numbers.


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