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Choose E-Command 4 when you require an electrical subpanel on the pool pad. If you want entry level control, but you need a power subpanel on the pool pad – E-Command 4 is for you. It offers the same level of automation as OnCommand but with a built in sub panel.

Automate basic pool and spa functions and save you up to 70% on your pool’s energy costs. Automating your variable-speed pump can save you up to $1,200 a year – maximizing water flow while minimizing energy consumption, so both you and your energy bill can relax.

  • Manages pool, spa and other backyard features automatically or with the push of a button
  • Pool and spa light dimming relays sold separately
  • Intuitive programming, easy-to-read display
  • Automates up to 4 features, 3 valves, heater and solar controls
  • Automated schedules for off-peak electrical rates
  • Optional remote control
  • Up to 70% energy savings controlling a two- or variable-speed pump
  • Three-year limited warranty
  • Integrated subpanel operates as its own breaker box
  • Ideal for new installations
  • Optional relay can be added for increased versatility
  • Pool only, spa only or pool/spa combo
  • Light hub (eliminates junction box) (AQL-DC)
  • 6-Function waterproof remote (AQL2-SS-RF)
  • RF Antenna (AQL2-BASE-RF)
  • Valve actuator, 24V, 75A, 15ft cable (GVA-24)
  • Actuator & 1 1/2″ 3-port valve (V&A-1P)
  • Actuator & 2″ 3-port valve (V&A-2P)
  • Dimmer Kit (AQL-DIM)
  • DC High Voltage Relay Kit (replacement) (AQL-RELAY-DC-KT)
  • AC Relay Kit (AQL-RELAY-AC-KT)
  • Applications: Pool only, spa only or pool/spa combo
  • Breaker subpanel: Yes
  • Number of devices you can control: 4
  • Number of valves you can rotate: 3
  • Group functions: No
  • Incandescent pool and spa light dimming: Yes
  • LED light control: Yes
  • Remote control: 6 button wireless remote
  • Variable speed pump control: Yes
  • Controllable pump speeds: 8
  • Pump speeds assignable to relays: Yes
  • Salt chlorination: Controls external chlorinator
  • Solar control: Yes


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