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OptiFusion™ Lenses (patent #5,825,954) Superior optic and light engineering delivers the most advanced, highest transmission underwater lenses available. FIBERworks® “invisible” gunite lens assembly eliminates the conspicuous white flange and fits over 1 inch PVC conduit or inside 1-1/2 in. PVC conduit. The exclusive “lens before liner” vinyl pool assembly allows you to install cable and lens before you install the liner. All lenses are sealed even with wet conduit and can be installed underwater. Wide-angle Lens Advanced optical engineering design has delivered FIBERworks Wide-angle lens. This lens greatly increases the spread of light in a pool or spa and is great for those hard to reach areas. The Wide-angle lens retrofits to all existing FIBERworks lens bodies in a matter of seconds. All complete lens assemblies and lens sub-assembly kits include the Wide-angle and standard lens. Professional Fiber Termination Kit A simple, three-step fiber termination procedure is combined with our exclusive OptiFusion lens for unparalleled light transmission. The kit includes professional 80 watt FiberKnife™, tube of OptiFusion Gel, (requires no epoxy), cable stripping tool, fiber cutting shield, and lens tool.

  • Wide-angle lens included in all assemblies
  • Highest transmission underwater lenses available
  • Invisible gunite lens assembly
  • Exclusive “lens-before-liner” vinyl lens assembly
  • Also in standard gunite or fiberglass
  • Lens assembly is sealed even with wet conduit
  • Able to install underwater
  • Exclusive OptiFusion gel
  • 80 watt professional Fiber-Knife

21005500: Includes: FiberKnife, convenience tube of OptiFusion Gel, AmerGlow cable stripping tool, steel fiber cutting shield, and lens tightening tool.


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