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Hassle Free Opening & Closing

The Hassle Free Kit combines two important opening and closing products. The kit includes 1-1L Pool Magic+PHOSfree and 1-1L METALfree.

Pool Magic+PHOSfree is ideal to treat your pool at the beginning and end of each season as well as reducing phosphates at any time as the first step of Natural Chemistry’s Clear, Perfect Water Program. Pool Magic+PHOSfree contains natural enzymes that break down non-living organics to make opening and closing fast and easy. A quick clean up to start off the season and to prevent non-living organic staining and phosphate build-up.

METALfree is a highly effective metal deactivation agent that prevents staining and discoloration from trace metals such as iron and copper. METALfree also prevents scale buildup due to calcium and other minerals. These trace metals may already be in the pool fill water or in water added to maintain water level. METALfree should be used as part of a well designed weekly pool maintenance program. METALfree does not contain phosphonic acids and will NOT raise phosphate levels in pool water.

  • Reduces phosphates
  • Provides fast easy start-up
  • Prevents waterline rings
  • Prevents metal staining
  • Prevents calcium and mineral scale build-up
  • Phosphate free!
What does this kit do for your pool?
  • Open a clear pool in the Spring!
  • Greatly reduced spring maintenance
  • Less scrubbing and cleaning
  • Preserves mesh and vinyl pool covers
  • No phosphate build-up during off-season
  • and the list goes on…
Available in
  • 2x1L/33.9oz


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