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The Very Best in Color Changing Pool & Spa Lights.

While enjoying a night cap or an evening swim, experience an array of brilliant Watercolors that transport your imagination to special places reminiscent of lush emerald islands, Caribbean seas, or the luxurious feeling of floating in soft warm rose petals. JandyColors pool and spa lights provide the finest and brightest colors for your pool and spa. Engineered with superior design, the JandyColors light not only saturates your pool with ten vibrant colors, but also creates delightful sparkling ripples on the water surface. Whether swimming or just lighting up the night, you’ll enjoy endless nights of brilliant color beyond compare.

  • Cycle through 10 brilliant watercolors or lock onto a favorite color
  • Multiple JandyColors lights can be synchronized to create a spectacular light show
  • Subtle transitions through colors with no moving parts or color wheels
  • Intelligent control with the AquaLink RS System or operate with a standard light switch
  • The longest quartz halogen bulb life available on the market
  • Unique lens design provides smooth even light dispersion
  • ETL approved to fit into most manufacturers niches
  • 12 volt and 120 volt models available in 30 – 150 foot cable lengths
  • 3 wire system for simple, retrofit installation


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