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Control for Pools & Spas

The Levolor LX2 includes a sensor with wire, controller and a solenoid valve. The system contains non-corrosive components, NEMA 4 enclosure, all suitable for use in a pool and mechanical room environment. The system provides control and adjustability for filling and monitoring, ease of operation and service accessibility.

  • The Pool water level is controlled automatically with +/- 1/8” (12mm) of normal water level.
  • Water level control system includes a sensor with wire attached, which install at the nominal water level, a control panel which mounts on a 2” Static Pipe in the equipment area and a solenoid valve in-line with make-up water.
  • Sensor Static pipe should be installed according to the drawings at least 5 feet from the pool or behind a barrier wall, with 2” PVC with no reductions.
  • Sensor should be mounted at water level, inside the static pipe located according to the drawings.
  • Units with floats or moving parts will not be considered as equal and shall be rejected.
  • Sensor should be connected to the control panel with 2 ft of wire provided as part of the system.
  • Control panel displays indicating Power, Sensor active and Filling active.
  • System has adjustable feed alarm suitable for the application as determined by the drawings.
  • System has a time delay between sensing and filling before initializing the Solenoid Valve.
  • System is shipped with 220VAC 50/60Hz, field adjusted for 110VAC and is hard wired into a panel for permanent installation.
  • Solenoid valve offered in brass or fiberglass and sized according to the drawings and normally closed, 24VAC and 0.6amps at a peak, as supplied with the level control system.
  • Enclosure: 7: 5” x 4.5” with mounting screws
  • Sensor: 2-1” Sensors with 1” Round probes, Wire 20 ft
  • Valve: 1-1” 24VAC Solenoid


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