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Commercial Pool/Spa Control Systems.

Designed for a commercial pool and spa application. Provides Remote Spa Jets switch (suitable for outdoor locations) with electronic countdown timer (15/30 minutes).

    LX802 Commercial Pool/Spa Control System
    • Emergency Shut-off Switch (disables all pumps)
    • Audio Alarm
    • Power Center available (with or without circuit breaker sub-panel) at the equipment site, features: mechanical time clocks for the Pool and Spa Filter Pumps, power relays (3) for Pool and Spa Filter Pumps and Spa jet Pump, electronic cool-down cycle for pool and spa heaters and equipment service switches
    LX8202 Emergency Shut-off System
    • Emergency Shut-off Switch
    • Audio Alarm
    • Power Center at the equipment site with equipment status lights and power relays (2) for Spa Filter Pump and Jet Booster Pump


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