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The beauty and intrigue of falling water.

Perhaps no other feature contributes more to the beauty and tranquility of your poolscape than the sight and sound of falling water. Water effects can help transform your pool into a romantic oasis, a playful family water park, or a breathtaking focal point. No wonder they are one of the most popular accessories in today’s most elegant backyard retreats. The many options available allow you to integrate these mesmerizing water effects in either dramatic or subtle ways that transform any pool environment from great to spectacular.

  • Choose from sheet, curtain and rainfall or arc sheet and rainfall effects
  • Individual water effects are available in widths from 8 inches to 8 feet
  • Available in six finishes brass, bronze, copper, gray, silver, or white
  • Waterfalls can be straight, curved, or customized
  • Vary flow to any water effect with an energy-efficient IntelliFlo® VF, IntelliFlo® or IntelliPro® variable speed pumps to alter the height and distance of the water effect.
  • Different lip lengths add to the design freedom available to you.

Notes to Installers: (1) Waterfalls Widths 5′-8′ have two (2) Rear 11/2″ Slip Male connections AND a precut manifold to balance the flow. (2) Not all Water Effects are available in all lengths. Check Price List to confirm availability. (3) Radius and Custom Curves require the use of additional option part numbers. Must specify radius and convex pool or concave pool, OR provide template (custom curve shape).

Factory Cut Curves: Factory Radius Cut: 12 & 14 Series (P/N 5890001); Custom Curve Shape: 14 Series (P/N 5890002)

11 Series Lip = 1″ lip, for all straight waterfalls; 12 Series Lip = 6″ lip, for Radius Curved Waterfalls; 14 Series Lip = 13″ lip, for super radius curved waterfalls and custom curved shapes


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