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Removing particles you can’t even see.

Posi-Flo® II Filters remove particles so small you can’t even see them. And, that includes gel-like particles from suntan and body oils, as well as sand, dirt and leaves. What’s more, the filter element in Posi-Flo® II Filters holds more dirt than others of the same size. The secret is a balanced-flow hydraulic design that directs water equally over the entire surface area of the element, for greater dirt holding capacity before needing cleaning.

  • Typical Installations – Inground pools and inground hot tubs

Optimal Performance at this GPM: Operating at this GPM will provide the longest filter cycles combined with the best and greatest dirt-loading capacity.

Flow Rated at .375 – 1 GPM (per sq ft): Based on NSF recommended flow rate for commercial at 0.375 GPM per square foot.

WC108-70S2X: The -70S2X can be used as a direct replacement for -59S2X. It is shorter but has more pleats.

No backwash valve required.

Operating Limits – designed for maximum continual operating pressure of 50 PSI. Pool/spa bather applications, maximum operating water temperature (internal filter) 104°F (40°C). Non-pool/spa (non-bather) applications.


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