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Robotic cleaners are powered by low-voltage electricity, rather than your pool pump or a booster pump. Since your pump runs less, your energy costs are reduced. Plus, their built-in filter further reduces use of your pool’s primary filtration system lowering energy costs even more, extending the life of both your pump and filter, and increasing the amount of time between filter cleanings. Robotic cleaners are also convenient?you just plug it in and place it in your pool. Some even have remote controls so you can steer the unit from a lounge chair for easy spot cleaning!

The Kreepy Krauly® Prowler® 730 Remote Control provides the ultimate in automatic pool cleaning convenience. It’s the computer-controlled, programmed cleaner that scrubs and vacuums pool’s bottom, walls and steps and provides supplemental filtration of pool water. The wireless radio remote control system provides two automatic cleaning options ? one for the pool bottom and a second for the bottom and sides. Remote control functions allow for overriding the automatic cleaning modes to perform quick spot clean-ups. Simply guide the cleaner to any area of the pool with the touch of a button. It requires no installation, no booster pump, and no hoses.

  • Two-way cleaning performance
  • Powerful vacuum action removes fine particles and larger debris and Integrated filtration system captures dirt and debris in handy collection bag.
  • Integrated filter reduces run time of your primary filtration system by 25% to save on pump energy use and normal wear and tear.
  • Cleans all pool surfaces gunite, vinyl, fiberglass and tile.
  • Works fast thoroughly scrubs and vacuums pools up to 20 x 50 feet in just 60–90 minutes.
  • Auto-reverse feature prevents hang-ups in corners and by steps and ladders for uninterrupted service.
  • Remote control functions allow you to override automatic cleaning modes to perform quick spot clean-ups.
  • Plugs into a standard electrical outlet, using minimal electrical consumption.
  • Recommended pool size: 20 x 50 feet (6.1 x 15.2 meters)
  • Volume of water filtered: 4,225 gal. / hr. (16m3 / hr.)
  • Floating cable length: 75 feet (23 meters)
  • Drive motor: 24V DC high speed submersible
  • Pump motor: 24V DC high efficiency submersible
  • Filter specification: Reusable 2 micron
  • Electrical specification: 115V / 60Hz
  • Voltage in water: 24V DC
Time and energy-saving features
  • Reduces your filtration system’s run time.
  • Removes algae and bacteria.
  • Cleans and scrubs most pool steps.
  • Vacuums all types of debris.
  • Cleans any shape or type of pool in only one hour.
  • Cleaner and key components are certified to UL standards for safety by ETL.
  • One-year limited warranty


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