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RELAX…LET THE JANDY RAY-VAC DO ALL THE WORK. The Jandy Ray-Vac swiftly glides across the walls and floor of your pool while silently vacuuming all debris in its path. Its sleek, efficient design and powerful venturi-action captures dirt, leaves and other floating debris. Trailing behind are powerful line jets and a whip hose specifically designed to power out surface dirt for removal by your filtration system.

The unique shape of the RAY-VAC allows it to reach and clean areas of your pool other cleaners can’t — including most steps, love seats and corner areas.

Propelled by an advanced hydrodynamic system—for safe pressure side cleaning—the RAY-VAC uses less than 10 gallons of water per minute.

There are no powered wheels or feet to continuously wear against your pool surface or costly gears to wear out making the RAY-VAC cost less to maintain.

Clogged skimmers and pump baskets can take their toll on your filtration system. The RAY-VAC traps debris in its own compartment and continually circulates water through out the entire pool, helping your filtration system perform better and last longer.

The RAY-VAC does not require a secondary pump. Whenever your filter is running, the energy-saving RAY-VAC goes into action.

The Jandy Ray-Vac uses venturi action and simple water power for superior propulsion and vacuuming, using less than 10 gallons of water per minute.

Ray-Vac/DM. All the great features noted above plus our innovative “Fine Mesh Screen System” designed to capture small debris including fine grain sand and dirt.

  • Thoroughly cleans corners, steps and love seats.
  • Silent, powerful, hydrodynamic design.
  • Costs less to maintain.
  • Helps save your filtration system.
  • No additional pump needed.


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