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The Smart pH is designed for any application where simple, automatic pH control is desired. It is the perfect companion for the IntelliChlor Salt Chlorinator, which automatically produces chlorine from common, safe salt. A byproduct of chlorine generation is a steady increase in water’s pH, which can be harmful to the pool (e.g. plaster scaling) and very detrimental to the bather experience. The typical method of controlling pH is to manually add large amounts of pH correction “as needed”, which sometimes means “when remembered”. The Smart pH regularly feeds “correction” in small amounts to keep the water in range at all times automatically, and in the most simple to use and economical package in the industry.

At the core of any Smart pH installation is the Smart pH, Complete, No Pumps (701000000). This includes all items required for monitoring pH, including one pH Sensor and one Flow Switch Sensor to be mounted inline via T Fittings (included for 2″ pipe only, PVC cementing required), and mounting hardware.


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