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Greatest water clarity with least possible attention.

Star™ Filters not only provide the highest quality water filtration, they practically maintain themselves. An exclusive “pre-cleaning” feature enables the filter to dislodge trapped dirt and D.E. particles from the filter media. A few turns of a knob is all it takes to “regenerate” the media inside the filter so it is able to provide extended service before periodic cleaning is required.

  • Maximum Operating Pressure 50 psi
  • Time-proven vertical grids with 2 in. spacing provide the most efficient D.E. filtration available
  • Exclusive, rotatable grid assembly lifts out easily for any required service
  • Easy to remove, 1-1/2 in. drain plug allows rapid draining of filter. Star™ Filters are available in your choice of 35 gpm, 50 gpm, or 80 gpm capacities
  • Super-strong tanks are molded from advanced, corrosion-proof thermoplastic material
  • Sturdy tank clamp of premium stainless steel allows for quick and easy removal of top for access to grids
  • Unique check valve is built into filter inlet port to prevent backflow of D.E. powder into pump


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