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Introducing a New Submersible Drainer Pump for a Wide Variety of Applications

Our new submersible drainer pump is perfect for removing water from pools, fountains, garden ponds, pool covers….and more. Its unique water level switch won’t bind or catch in a pool cover. A removable skirt prevents unwanted tipping during important pumping jobs. The pump’s simple, robust design allows it to function well in a wide variety of utility pumping applications. This submersible drainer pump is UL listed and CSA approved.

This unique pump is fully automatic in operation. The “smart” controller starts the pump every 2-1/2 minutes and causes it to run for 5 seconds. If it senses that there is no water to the pump, it stops. If it senses water, it continues to run until the water is pumped down to 1/4″ deep, and then it stops. It then goes into a 7-minute quick-detection cycle, starting 4 times the first minute, twice the second minute, and once a minute for the next 5 minutes. If by the last check it has not detected water, it resumes its cycle (running 5 seconds every 2-1/2 minutes) until it senses water again.

  • Constructed of high-impact, corrosion resistant plastic for durable performance.
  • Screen inlet and base prevent large solids from entering, protecting the pump and assuring long life.
  • UL Listed and CSA approved.

3-wire cord with grounding-type, GFCI protected plug for use in a 3-wire, grounded outlet.


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