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For superior water clarity and self-cleaning convenience.

Warrior® Filters give you superior filtration with minimal effort. The filter removes particles so small they are individually undetected by the human eye—but if left in water can combine to decrease clarity. Warrior® Filters automatically “regenerate” their D.E. media during the off cycle to assure that you can enjoy a clean, clear pool the carefree way. It’s the simple, trouble-free and highly effective filter for aboveground pools and smaller inground pools.

  • Automatic D.E. regeneration
  • Integrated continuous High Flow™ internal air relief
  • No-tools servicing
  • Injection molded thermoplastic tank Lock ring with spring-loaded safety latches
  • Exclusive grid design assures laminar flow for even distribution of D. E. precoat
  • High Flow manual air relief valve
  • 1 in. no-tool drain
  • Single piece base and body design

Integrated continuous High Flow internal air relief is operational only when there is unobstructed flow in the circulating system.


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